Evo Cross won't turn on


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Hi all,

I came back from a two week vacation today and found that my bike won't turn on. When I hold the power button the screen blinks on and then goes blank. I charged overnight and the charger shows green so it isn't that the battery ran out. I was careful to leave the battery at about 70% before I left.

Just wondering if anyone here has run into this and has some ideas before I bring the bike into the shop this weekend.



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First check the battery itself, press on the button on the battery underside to see how many lights come on. I recommend you fully charge the battery if possible.

Then, make sure the battery is properly seated in the downtube and locked.

This happened to me and I think the cause was my battery was not touching all the sensors it needed to on one end of the downtube, so I removed the battery, put it back on and gave it a little smack to make sure it was fully engaged, then locked and removed the key. Turn on the bike when it's not moving at all. That solved it for me.