EVO Toba HB1 Review

Ann M.

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Nice, sleek bike with a 350 watt BionX system. Always like having the regen and throttle along with the pedal assist features of the BionX. Not too heavy at 44lbs! Clean run of the wiring harness below the down tube and top tube keeps the appearance smooth looking.

https://electricbikereview.com/evo/to... The EVO Toba HB1 is built on a fairly traditional bicycle platform (rigid fork, Aluminum frame, 27 gears) with the standard 350 watt BionX drive system. High-end drive systems including near-silent motor operation, torque sensing pedal assist and multiple levels of recoup plus regenerative braking and variable speed trigger throttle. Removable battery pack, display and quick release front wheel and seat tube, soft saddle but otherwise the ride is firm due to lack of suspension and narrower 1.4" tires. Have to pedal or push the bike up to two mph before the throttle will activate, power cuts in and out kind of abruptly once you reach the top speed, slight delay in assist to reduce the feeling of surge.