Evolution of two-wheeled transportation


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From land to sky and sea, human’s trip modes have undergone several thousand years’ development with more power modes. For myself, I show special preference to two-wheeled transportation. The followings are some Historical Pictures which is my interest. Hope you can enjoy them as I do.

Gig in Roman Silver Coin

Roman Chariot in Trajan's Column

Pompeii ruins: two-wheeled trolley

It seems that I have witnessed that disaster.

Maid and horse-drawn vehicle in 18th century

PS:The design of bodywork and wheels have been improved greatly.

Technical engineer is repairing a medieval gig.

In 1770, Sivrac, a French person invented the most primitive bike, with two wheels and without transmission gears.

In 1817, a German baron Carl Drais made a wooden wheel vehicle, adding a handlebar to control direction so that people can change the moving direction.

In 1874, a truly modern bicycle was born. Lawson, a British man, added a chain and chain wheel to bicycle, enabling the rotation of the rear wheel to go forward.
However, it was still not coordinating and stable enough.
The derivatives of bicycles have emerged in Europe, and human’s trip modes have entered a personalized era.

In 1885, German William Haim Daimler made the world's first motorcycle in its true sense.
Concept vehicles: a symbol of human imagination

Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter
The greatest charm of technology to change lifestyle lies in that it can make us freer and happier, especially the means of transportation adopting clean energy which is simpler and more environmentally friendly.