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Where can you find info on this e bike ? Thanks
Thanks! This bike is a custom build. Here is a full specs list! I put recommendations for different parts. If you would like we could build you one up, or you can design it yourself :)

motor is a bafang BBSO2 500 watt mid drive (highly recommended)

battery is 48v panasonic 18650pf 11.6ah direct mount dolphin battery (very tough cells, moderately recommended)

frame: medium specialized P.Street (Note you have to modify your battery case a ton to get it to fit moderately recommended, very low and short frames make it much safer to bail off bike but the P.street is very normal level hardtail) The ideal geometry you want is very scootery. Should almost feel like you are standing up straight like off a bike when you stand on pedals.

fork: manitou R7 with a million steerer tube spacers (highly recommended light, cheap invincible)

front wheel: hope pro2 wheel / trialtech pro drilled rim 24" (24" wheels highly recommended less rotational weight, much stronger, and much better control... other wheel parts are moderately recommended)

Front tire: Maxxis holy roller 24" (moderately recommended)

Rear tire: Kenda Kinipiton (not recommended, I just ripped my other holy roller, and only use cause I have to)

Seat: custom sewn rocky mountain (moderately recommended)

Seatpole: Generic garbage (not recommended)

cranks: 100mm nimbis venture unicycle cranks (Extremely recommended, they reduce torque on crank, and axle by 50% and allow you to pedal faster than the motor. They are also 7075 t6 aluminum, which is 20% more strength of normal cranks. Without them you will not be able to put high impact on bike)

Rear wheel: Hope pro 2 / trialtech 24" rim (moderately recommended)

Stem: Generic DH stem (highly recommended, short stems are much better)

Handlebar: Trialtech sport high rise (highly recommended expensive but great geo and invincible)

Grips: ODI longneck (not recommended)

Front brake: Avid BB7 6" (Extremely recommended, much better than any hydraulic brake in power, adjustment, feel, price, noise, and pad wear)

Rear brake: shimano deore XT (not recommended, go avid bb7)

Derailleur: Sram XO (moderately recommended, light derailleurs wont bend your hanger but cost alot)

Hanger: extension hanger to fit extra large cog

Rear cogs: 5 speed 42t-12t 42tfireeye rear cog (extremely recommended cheapest and strongest huge cog)

Chain KMC Z610HX neochrome (Extremely recommended, it will never break ever, is cheap, and light)

Shifter: walmart quality friction shift (recommended, cheap and allows you to run crazy gear setups with fat bmx chains and any spacing like mine)

Front cog: bafang 4 bolt adapter and 36t raceface sproket (highly recommended 36t is ideal)

pedals: Meritt BMX nylon pedals: (Extremely recommended, super cheap and invincible)

Innertube: Anything

I think that is every single part! If I missed any let me know.
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It reminds me of a trials bike build that I am currently planning. :)