falco 750hx torque settings


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I need the torque sensors to act like i am using the throttle , meaning as soon as i start pedaling the assist helps me . then i need to maintain at least 20mph and have assist to, not cut out every second , the assist was cutting in an out all the time then leaving me hanging to do to much work unassisted at 18 mph then losing speed because of getting tired out
It would be real good to get assist with every gear i shift into all 10 of them , i think this hub motor can do that i just dont know how to right this second . the expedition catrike is heavy because of the motor so to be left without assist is really exhausting ,tires me out start sweating swearing and everything else .........................
also it looks like the lab 1.5.7 program has multiple motor settings i wonder if i could use parameter setup for the city , then use another for longer trips . just load them when i need them
summary when starting from a stop assist needs to give help upto cruising speed ,
then when at cruising speed 20mph to maintain this speed the assist will stay on when i get tired in between pedaling for a longer amount of time to give legs a break and recover ,
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Rakesh Dhawan

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The following settings are recommended after torque calibration sequence:

Base torque can be kept at 3 (Not more than 3);
Reduce turn ON speed and Turn on Delay by 50%;
Set Torque Multiplier at 12.

Those settings should do the trick.