Falco deserves more attention


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With all the proprietary crap out there, these guys have been open source all along. Use whatever battery you want. Easy to setup, easy to use, use the display or don't, use your cell phone to control it, use that cheap battery you can get from XX, monster torque on the new motors - 500lb load hauling with a direct drive motor (throws the old "geared hub motor for torque" thinking out the window!)
Controller is Antenna Plus equiped, so you can use your heart rate monitor and their software to program your desired target heart rate and the controller will adjust the assist to keep you in your working target range. Amazing.
And nice guys too. ;)


George S.

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Thanks for posting the link.

It's an open forum so people can push any agenda they want, but nothing will happen if no one posts anything. You aren't supposed to just sell stuff, but even so.

I looked at the site and it's an impressive motor. It's expensive, triple what a MAC or Golden will run, and those are premium motors. The internal torque sensor could be brilliant. The way it is made could be exceptional.

I like DIY until you get in the high teens, but I really like DIY in the low teens. If you want to build a premium DIY market, it's no longer the people who just want great value and a solid bike for 1200 bucks.

Falco would have to explain the motor to people. "You need a $900 motor because __________"

Ann M.

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Yeah, Falco costs more but there are a lot of features and quality going into that motor that may not be apparent on the outside. Falco was one of the first motor manufacturers to shield the system so that wireless accessories would work and even integrated a wireless heart rate monitor with their first model 3 or 4 years ago! The founder, Rakesh Dhawan, has a long history in the electric bike industry; starting in 2001 with Wavecrest labs, designing the TidalForce 750/1000watt ebikes, 2005 founding the E+ bikes and going on to design electric motors for cars or more efficient wind turbines along with the kits and bikes Falco makes today. Maybe small compared to the mass market cheap Asian kits; however, I can pick up a phone and call Rakesh if there's a problem with the system. Not easy when trying to reach China.

If you plan to run your ebike into the ground or have super hard conditions to deal or desire a really high performance system, then a higher dollar kit is a smart investment, like the Falco. Otherwise, there is plenty of value to be had in less expensive systems.


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it's a high end product that was built to purpose. Not a cheap chinese motor re-sourced from other purposes. (prior to this years updated model)
Bafang would have to explain to me: " you want this cheap motor with plastic gears, no advanced electronics, cheesy displays and connectors, s*it quality control and warranty service (from the BUILDER of the motor.....), why??"
Controlling the amount of assist given by your heart rate setting is an amazingly cool and HUGELY advanced part of this complete system. Just one small part. I ride mostly for fitness reasons and that small feature is worth hundreds to me.
Bafang users can only dream of such advances.
High end auto's do the same job that cheap cars do, yet few would argue there is no difference. ;)
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