Falco eMotors announces 2018 Models of Hx eAssist Hub with Integrated Speed and Torque Sensors

Rakesh Dhawan

New Member
2018 models introduce several significant upgrades to the Hx eAssist motor platform. Falco had introduced 2017 models last year with substantial upgrades of freehub and the new torque sensor for freehubs. 2018 models include an integrated speed sensor which adds additional capability to the torque sensor and the ride.

Other upgrades to the line include a wired plus-minus (WPM) controls with LEDs. A wired plus-minus (WPM) control can be used in lieu of the wireless console. The wired plus minus control allows immediate access and change of assist, regen levels, throttle function and brake function quickly and swiftly.

The wireless console has been upgraded to include a 1000 mAh battery up from 500 mAh battery before, and it has now been made water-proof. Additional upgrade to the wireless console is its ability to be used as a wired console. It can be connected via a junction box to draw power from the motor.

Another important upgrade is the wireless module which uses low energy ANT+ communication. Now the module has been updated to be ANT+/BLE compatible allowing for controls through Apple products such as iPhone etc.

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