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Hi folks my wife and I are Santana tandem riders. We Falco ed last year and have 470 miles. Trouble free till now. I am experiencing intermittent operation of the system. The motor and the display cut out randomly and either won’t restart or reluctantly restarts.
I have hard mounted the battery on the bottom tube of the bike. I have had some luck jiggling the two pin power connector which seems to be the issue. I replaced that and am worried I haven’t found the problem. Could it be the controller on the handlebar?
Any suggestions?


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That doesn't look like any battery connector I am familiar with.
I'm not familiar with "falco" as a verb.
Way to tell voltage at controller is being maintained, mount a continuous reading voltmeter that displays 24-70
volts (at least, no range switching) on the handlebar. Pickup at various points will tell if the voltage loss is in the wiring, at the battery connector, or inside the battery. I bought 2 batteries with internal bad connections. One from Amazon btrbattery one from ebay sun-ebike baldwin city CA warehouse. Found the defect in 31 days and got the money back from Amazon. Not so with ebay.
Use panduit grabbers to pick up the voltage at various points reliably.
If voltage is going in the controller, failure at other points is possible. Brake, throttle, pas & torque pickup input wires are possible culprits. Also the "door switch" if your controller requires one (ebable switch).
The ebike industry seems to have settled on component swapping as the way to diagnose warrenty problems. Which maximizes the amount of cargo crossing the Pacific in containers and going to the landfill.