Faster Charging?


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In theory it seems like an inverter generator able to run at 1800 watts (like a Honda 2000) should be able to charge the battery in under 1 hour, if this doesn't produce an overheating situation.

I've given thought to how to run a charger for 6 hours when camping. One way is to simply keep my truck idling for 6 hours and use the inverter; surprising how little fuel an idling truck consumes. The other option is using an inverter running and chained for the equal length of time.
Anyone have other options I'm missing?

By itself watts available to the charger changes nothing, after all a wall plug at home provides 2,400 watts (US anyway). If you decide to go the inverter route I would charge off of a dedicated battery or risk not being able to start the vehicle. Kind of a drag to invert the voltage to 120ac just to convert it back down to 40vdc or whatever.

I would consider contacting Mike at
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