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Has anybody tried this? Does it work on Easy Motion Bikes?

"Once you get the bike you need to find the computer codes that allow you to change the bicycle tire size... Just tell the computer you have smaller tires (like 26" if you have 700c, for example). So the governor will allow the wheel to spin faster."

Ravi Kempaiah

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No it doesn't.
The speed is limited by the controller outpout on Easy Motion bikes and changing the wheel diameter only changes the distance traveled on your odo.


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The wheel diameter affects the displayed speed as well as the odo, but your actual speed stays the same.

I wish I could mod the speed and modes to my liking. I'd like boost to be 25mph, sport 20, normal 15. So that each mode smoothly stops assisting at the set speed. Maybe in future models, or BH has the sense to release the controller FW to the public.


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I hear you. I would not hesitate to purchase the Bluetooth module if we had a way to up the max speed. I wonder how they are selling at $149?