Fat bike and Electric fence...


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Be kind to your bike and do not introduce it to any electric fences no matter how tempting that may be at the time, i came across these poor chaps dealing with the aftermath in this video :


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Lol, that was funny! At some point, one of the chaps stated he did not see the fence.... I am surprised he managed to get halfway over it in the first place!
Those front breaks will play a trick on you if you slam on them too hard....

Denis Shelston

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That's crazy, he could have hurt himself. Happy he is OK.

Years ago I scraped my thigh on a barbed wire fence doing motocross in a field - and my wife was so pissed at me, she said you're no Steve McQueen jumping same in The Great Escape. I felt no pain after she said that :p


All they had to do was get on another bike and go ask the farmer to turn off the electric fence for a few minutes.