Fat bike fork 89.95


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US vendor now selling susp fork for fat bikes and other limited number of bike parts. Great pricing! http://lunacycle.com/sondors-upgrad...t-bike-fork-for-sondors-and-other-fat-ebikes/
Thanks for posting this. It shows out of stock right now. Would anyone know if this would work on the Juggernaut?
And if so, whether any other parts would need to be replaced? He says for the Sondors:

· You will need a new 1 1/8" crown race as the one from the Sondors ebike is not removable


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The crown race is a small washer type piece of metal that is fitted down around the steering tube (sits at the base where the fork starts) - this should only be a couple of bucks and the shop will have them if you're having the fork installed at a shop. Even if you want to do this diy, you'd also need to have a star nut installed inside the tube as well.

Unfortunately it looks like the Juggernaut is a tapered head tube (look at the steer tube, it is slightly bulged at the bottom vs the top), so a straight steer fork won't work on the juggernaut frame.


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Another member, who did an extensive Juggernaut review, installed it on his bike. Old Juggernaut 1 1/8 threadless straight steer I think.


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I was wondering if that might have been the case, I just went by the current website photos which are fairly obviously tapered!

Dane Storm

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I'm looking for a mid-range front suspension for my 2015 Juggernaut with a tapered headset. Can't afford the new Wren shown on the Biktrix website and have heard bad things about the generic Chinese shocks shown on Alibaba. Hoping that someone with experience has found a good solution and can share it with me. Thanks.