Fat tire Folding Dual Suspension 1000watt E-Bike.....(What are my options?)


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For the last year, I've been riding my Wallke X3 Pro (1200+ joyful miles)

Loved this bike as it pretty much had everything I wanted and then some, but I got an offer for it this morning that I just couldn't refuse and decided to let her go.

Now I'm on the hunt for a replacement

I would put in an order for a brand new X3 Pro, but I've read there's been some issues with the 2021 models (no more regenerative braking, speedometer/controller issues, etc.)

Last thing I wanna do is downgrade from my previous bike, so I'm looking into other options

Must haves:

1) Fat Tire (I do a lot of beach riding)
2) Folding (must fit behind the 3rd row seat of my minivan)
3) 1000watt+ (or whatever it takes to hit 30mph)
4) Dual suspension
5) Hand throttle (one that works from a stop without pedal effort)

What are my options?


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another Bafang Ultra


Cool lookin bike, but not available :(


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Looks like foldable fatbikes are rare.

You only said fat tire and didn't indicate the tire size.
Are you interested in 20 inch?

I prefer 26", but I'm still open to 20" if I can get one with all the options my X3 had at a lower price

I used to have a Sondors Fold X and thought it was pretty cool, but sold it and upgraded to the X3






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Sorry I'm a bit confused.

Are you looking for a cheaper bike than your X3?

You said the last thing you wanted to do was to downgrade which made it sound like you're willing to upgrade even if it would cost more.

That's exctly why I recommend a bike with Bafang Ultra mid drive.

What I meant is that I don't really want to downgrade from the options my 2020 X3 Pro had

Apparently due to shortages, the 2021 X3 Pro models now come with motors that no longer offer regenerative braking and customers have complained about issues with the speedometers and controllers not working properly because of this.

The StarkDrive looks good, but isn't full suspension.

The Rapt II looks great, but isn't available and I'm afraid it will be a bit over my budget by the time I add all the options the X3 Pro already comes with.

Now, if I can get a fully optioned 20" bike at a much lower price that would be worthwhile, I may go that route, but I'd still prefer to get sumthin comparable to the X3 Pro


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Well if you're willing to, you can always get a non-ebike version of foldable bike and do your own project with GMAC or BBSHD conversion.

I honestly wouldn't know where to start.

Did quite a bit of searching these last couple of days and it appears the X3 Pro is still top of my list when it comes to features (reason why I went with it to begin with).

There are similar bikes on the market from Cyrusher, Pegases, Opeak, etc., but they all seem to lack some of the basic features that the X3 comes with standard.

I may just have to settle for a 2021 model without regen

Not a big deal I guess, but I did use it quite a bit on my 2020

Still on the fence with the speedometer as I'm trying to confirm whether or not they solved the issue yet.


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OK, so after a few emails back and forth with Wallke, they confirmed the speedometer now works as it should with an updated controller

I'm gunna miss the renegerative braking I had on my old bike, but I just went ahead and made an order for a new replacement X3 Pro


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So I went ahead and placed an order for a new X3 Pro using a $200 off coupon a couple days ago, but leave it to Wallke to come out with a $300 off coupon today (doh!!)

Great price either way