Fat tire kits


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Does anyone have recommendations for a mid drive fat tire kit? I purchased a wal-mart "mongoose beast" and want to convert it, but almost all mid-drive kits require a 68-73 mm bottom bracket. My bike has a bottom bracket that's approx. 115mm wide.


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Not gonna beat around the bush on this. A modified bbs02 (from California e bikes) or the lightning rods fat motor are just over and just under a grand. A decent battery is going to be another five to seven hundred. What you want cannot be had cheaply. Even a hub motor and battery for a fat bike is going to run almost twelve hundred from em3ev.com.

I was going to electrify my bikes direct Boris x7 and ended up signing up for the radrover on indiegogo. It gets me a fully setup 2nd bike (love my Boris as is) with solid specs from someone who is known by and worked in the electric vehicle industry.