Fat Tire Slime Experiment


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Front tire went flat from a tiny thorn during some casual urban trail riding (only 41 miles on odomoter). Actually I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner, these tires appear to be super prone to flats and I'm not ready to spring for new ones yet (plus I'm a little lazy).

Decided to try the Slime repair/prevention approach (aka experiment). Never used the stuff before and thought what the hay. Picked up a 16 oz bottle at local Walmart for $8.46.

Instructions recommend using 4 oz for standard bicycle tire, but we have FAT tires so I decided to start with 6 oz ... Fail ... tube still leaked after I re-inflated & spun wheel. So after taking a moment to enjoy an adult beverage, I decided to put in another 2 oz (8 oz total), repeated the process and this time it worked. Re-inflated to 30 psi and it held for 24 hr.

Given that result, went ahead and put remaining 8 oz in the other tire. Running both tires at 15 psi. Experiment in progress, no news is good news.


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Interesting. Have you experimented with going tubeless? I've seen and read a few articles saying it's the only way to ride a fatty. Personally, I haven't tried it, YET. My mid-drive should be delivered this month and my Fatty is sitting in it's box waiting for me to disassemble it and create a monster 1000w machine!!! Muahahah. Anyways, keep us fat bikers posted.