Fazua motor updates from Eurobike | Entering the US in 2020


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ebiker I disagree, have a friend who is not a senior and is a 2-3 times a week road and mtn biker, 3 years ago she was telling me this is exactly what she would want in an ebike

stealth and just enough help to get up the hills

just because you don't want a bike like this does not mean other people wont

this kind of bike is not for me or not for me RIGHT NOW but I am always intrigued by lighter bikes and am sure this has its place for others

and I agree with over50 hopefully it will spur more innovation and a lot of the bikes will come down in weight


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So here's a thought. It would appear that ebikes are splitting into at least three categories. There are "traditional" ebikes like R&M that are large, heavy, powerful; "electric mopeds" like the Juiced Scorpion and Radrunner that are so far removed from being bikes that they can barely be used by pedaling and depend on the electric motor and "power assisted" ebikes like the Orbea Gain and Fazua powered bikes that try to handle like normal road bikes where the main concern is to maintain the feel of a regular bike with the electric help being a back-up system. Rather than beat each other over the head trying to convince proponents of one type that our choice is right maybe it's time to split the forum into sections devoted to the different types. Otherwise a lot of the posts end up looking like people trying to convince others that pickup trucks are the way to go or sports cars are best in a car forum. One thing that makes this hard is how this forum is financed. Since it's a pay system only companies that need the exposure appear over and over - companies like Orbea and Fazua powered system that get all the publicity they need for free and can barely keep up with demand never appear, which would lead a casual observer to think that everyone wants a relatively cheap, heavy bike. When one sees 10 reviews in a row for bikes like that it begains to look like that's all that exists. I don't have an answer for that but I'm sure someone else can think of a way because at some point it all becomes self fullfilling. If the forum only talks about bikes and only reviews bikes that appeal mainly to older, weaker people they will be the only ones left in the forum.


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I don't think there's anything inherently bad about a Chinese bike company. You all do know that China (and Taiwan as well) is a manufacturing powerhouse, right?

I recently came across this article, appropriately enough, after going through this thread:

An exclusive behind the scenes look at MERIDA Bikes in Taiwan – where do our bikes actually come from?

People who care about their products, regardless of their nationality, are going to make good products.

I found it slightly humorous that the article brought up the recent "German automobile scandals", since we're talking about German bikes here. :)