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Thomas Jaszewski

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Torque sensing is a replacement axel assembly. Simple pedelec is a magnet and disc reading cadence.
I have a front drive coaster. I guarantee rim brakes are far more effective. Basic two wheel science. Front brakes do most of the work. I use regen braking and added front rim brake. It’s capable of 30mph. Anything over 12-15 with coaster alone is, well, I’ll advised. More than set the controller you’d need a switch of some sort to kill on backpedal. Lastly while internal controllers do away with finding a spot, replacing them in a Pie kinda sucks. Many a DIY guy has stripped out the hardware gettingnit out. It’s the most common problem with an MP. Failed controllers. I sold, installed, and supported them in 2016. IMO a better option. Is a controller that fits in a. Hailong shark case. Grin again. But as always YMMV and opinions are just ideas for discussion. There are many good options once one understands the caveats.

Incidentally 5 of my bikes are cruisers with kool stop eBike pads on rim brakes, all upgraded quality. I had a35mph setup but more than just brakes, nothing was designed for that speed. Having seen conversions with cracked and busted frames I’ve gained patience. Afterall a diy ebike will,always be a bicycle designed for pedal speeds. Just another old guy’s opinion and fretting what regulations will come as a result of poor decisions and eventual fatal accidents. Litigation often brings regulation. But this oldster likes a speed conducive to,smelling the roses.

Great fun reading and watching your adventure development. Have fun feel free to toss my two cents.
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