Feeling the need for speed? How about 80 mph on an ebike?


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I just met a local guy who does custom conversions of recumbent tricycles, and also likes to tinker. A few years ago, he created a 125 volt, 10,000 watt recumbent ebike that he clocked on an airport runway at over 80 mph! This might be a more appropriate topic over on electricbike.com where they are all about high power ebikes, but it is still interesting to see what is possible when someone pushes the envelope. Here is a video of the 80 mph run:

He also has an upright bike that he optimized for maximum acceleration and it will reach 50 mph in less than six seconds! He likes to drag race with Harleys at stop lights just to blow their minds!
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That is pretty cool. Not sure I would do the speed but I can relate to the recumbent trike build. After doing conversions of existing frames it became boring and routine. Building custom trike frames and designing spindle and steering geometries that provide a stable accurate tracking trikes is interesting and challenging. I like his creativity!

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Actually, he starts with a pretty basic and stock KMX Tornado recumbent trike, so he is not designing them from the ground up. But he does put in a 1500 watt Crystalyte motor and Cycle Analyst computer. Then he custom builds a 50 volt/30 amp-hour battery using automotive cells for about 90 miles of range. The charge for adding these higher grade components is a very reasonable $1500 above the cost of the stock tricycle which lists for about $1300.

He can add custom front suspension to the KMX frame, which is almost a necessary upgrade as the trike will also hit 38 mph on electric power alone. That adds another $700-800 to the price.

I rode one today and it is very powerful and fun. I am not sure I would want a trike that is so low to the ground, but maybe at those speeds, that is also a good idea for handling reasons.