Felt Brühaul Video Review

Tara D.

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This cargo bike is only 53lbs, about 10 pounds lighter then the Yuba Spicy Curry and with a maximum payload weight of 400 lbs you can really load this bike up. The Bosch drive system allows this cargo bike to easily become a performance commuter getting between 30 and 60 miles per charge.

https://electricbikereview.com/felt/b... The Felt Brühaul is a surprisingly light weight electric cargo bike with an abundance of rack and tie down mounting points for use with a myriad of accessories. Powered by the award winning Bosch Centerdrive motor system that offers high torque output, shift sensing, four levels of pedal assist and integrated lights. Full length fenders cover the wide Schwalbe tires, oversized hydraulic disc brakes offer solid stopping power, chain cover and guide keep the bike on track, sleek scissoring kickstand offers stability. Only available in one frame size, this is a Class 1 pedal assist only electric bike (no throttle mode), more expensive due to high quality systems