Felt eBIKE Demo, Tomorrow May 8, 10AM to 3PM


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In collaboration with Felt Bicycles - we are hosting a Felt EBIKE demo and BOOTCAMP at our Redwood City facility, tomorrow, May 8, from 10AM to 3PM. You are invited.

Stop in to test the full Felt bike EBIKE catalog in the flesh, including some models which are not released yet.

Plus chit chat with the Felt peeps - some of the wisest in the industry about ebikes and let them tell you why you should get a mid-drive vs others and why the FELT systems are different than other bikes on the market.

We'll do an off-road ride at a nearby staging area with plenty of single track, gravel, climbs and descents to allow you to warm up the bikes and you for an actual off-road experience by the San Francisco Bay.

Sound like fun? Stop by at 926 Broadway in Redwood City from 10AM to 3PM.



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For demo, these are the models and sizes we'll have on hand:

VERZAe size 52

LEBOWSKe size 18

Outfitter size 18

DUALe size 18

NINEe size 16

NINEe size 20

SPORTe size 52

Sporte step thru 44

Lebowske 16

In stock to purchase we have

Sport-e XL

Sport-e L

Sport-e M

Verza-e 48

Dual-e L

Nine-E 20

Nine- E 16

As well as others to order.