Felt Electric


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I think they have 5 electric bikes in their lineup with the fat bike (supposedly) hitting the stores by September.


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I'm definitely keen to check them out at Interbike! Been very busy recently with a site overhaul and upgrade. Also been trying to toss a few reviews in every now and again. The Felt fat bike looks awesome, one of the only mid-drive fat bikes I've seen so far. They had a prototype last year at Interbike but I didn't get a chance to ride. The Felt brand is pretty cool and their paint styles are nice :)


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The name "Felt Lebowsk-e" put a big smile on our face.
We plan to test them out at the Interbike and possibly bring in a couple for testing.

Chris Nolte

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We just got a bunch of SPORTe's and NINEe's if anyone wants to come by to test them out. They are really sharp. 39lbs on the SPORTe and 38lbs on the NINEe. We were just chatting with the designer and the brand manager while at Eurobike and they definitely worked hard on these bikes to make them as light as they are. It's not an easy task. The Fat bike is awesome too! We can't wait to get those in this fall. It'll make winters in NY a lot more exciting :)