Felt Sport-E 50 (2019) - lights & rack guidance


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Have really enjoyed my new Felt Sport-E 50, but it did not come with any supporting documentation and I haven't been able to find much online (or get anywhere with Felt customer support) regarding compatible products to plug in as the front & rear lights and rear rack--not to mention how to connect the lights to the cables bundled with the brake cables and Shimano "computer" connections at the front, and near the rear wheel hub & kickstand at the back (images attached).

Listings for the same model in other countries list the following accessories: "LED 50 Lux DC headlight; LED DC rear light with Linetec". Googling those phrases points towards these Busch and Mueller products, among others:

Hoping to seek out opinions on this before purchasing & installing. Thanks in advance!


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I also bought this week the Felt Sport-E 50 and am very satisfied after the first trips.

What is your experience so far? Have you meanwhile adjusted other things on your bike?