Felt Verza E-10 rave review after first month...

Dave F.

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Some of you may have followed the thread about trying to find an e-bike for my wife with a full step-thru frame and an automatic shifter. She tried the Felt Verza E-10 and loved it so much that we bought it for her after one test ride. Now that the first month of regular use has gone by, she remains just as thrilled as on the first day. With the Bosch Performance motor, it has plenty of power. The longest ride so far has been 38 miles and there was still 50% of the battery remaining. Hills (which used to be a BIG issue) have been easy by merely switching temporarily from 'ECO' mode up to 'TOUR', 'SPORT', or even 'TURBO'. Everything works exactly as it should, and it's hard to wipe the smile off her face. My only (minor) complaint is I wish it had come with the 500w battery instead of the 400w battery (25% further distance!) By the way, the NuVinci hub with automatic cadence-based shifting has been an outstanding success - she never needs to even THINK about what gear to choose!
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