Fenders Question


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I am considering city bikes like the Pedego City Commuter. Most of them have fenders. I took a look at the three non-electric bikes I've kept in my garage and noticed none of them have fenders. Growing up, I had ridden bikes with fenders and always had trouble with the fenders rubbing against the tires. So, since then I never wanted fenders on my bikes. I've been happy enough with the fenderless bikes I've ridden. I can remember only a couple of times when I was caught riding in the rain, that I wished I had fenders. And don't fenders collect dirt on the inside. How would you clean that?


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Yeah they can be fun playing in mud ... I had about 2,000 kilometres to go when I hit the mud patch or three on that road (fell off a couple of times which didn't help with my mood that day either :)).

I never did bother to clean out the mud. The next day's rain on the bitumen seem to do the trick.

The photo is not great but the wheels got seriously caked up with mud.

Oh all my bikes have mudguards as I ride all year round. They get cleaned as part of my regular servicing. In fact they get more love and care than my car :)



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I've done over 1,800 miles on my Pedego City Commuter and haven't had any issues with the fenders rubbing on the tires... and they're FAT tires, too.