Few questions about new (to me) ST2S


It took a bit longer than expected to re-assemble my new (to me) ST2S, but I think I have it mostly sorted. A few lingering questions for the experts ...

This thing appears to belong not the rear hub. Should it be in place when installing the rear wheel or what? What’s its purpose?
See first attached photo.
Okay - I realized what I was supposed to have done with this thing! Apparently, it goes on the wheel prior to plugging in the battery / control cable. Presumably, this is to help remove that connection. Here’s hoping I can still get it off!!

I think I figured out all of the rear fender / rack mounting, but I was not at all confident in the attachment where the chain stays meet the down tube / bottom bracket. I used a silver screw with a significant shoulder. I put a grommet on the shoulder. Finally, I slipped a small black collar over the threads and screwed that assembly into the frame. Very few threads seemed to engage. Finally, the forked part of the fender mount slipped over the grommet. Sound right?
Attempt at fender attachment (second attached photo).

My remaining issues are that the rear brakes seem to drag a bit and the front brakes seem to have a ton of throw (need bleeding??).

Thanks, in advance, for the help!


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THAT FIRST PIC IS A VERY IMPORTANT PIECE! It is the mechanical quick disconnect that basically connects wiring into rear hub motor.
I thought wires were affixed to that piece and as you removed rear wheel, that piece along with wires stay with bike, and wheel comes off.
‘then, when wheel goes back on, axle goes through that piece, and that wire handle kinda cam locks it in and holds wires where they need to be.
without that. Wire connections would/might not stay in place. That connection must be sorta loosely made now. But sounds like youre riding the bike now.
I would say get that figured out ASAP.
The front brake just needs to be bleed. There is a kit that makes it simple, so your not dependent on some bike shop.


@fxr3 yeah, I did a sub 60s spin around icy, salty roads at 10p last night. After reading some more of the manual last night, I realized my mistake regarding that rear hub piece. I’m curious if the function of that piece is to securely hold the wires onto the hub or make it easier to remove them!?!
In any case, the shop I bought from includes up to $100 for assembly / tune-up. I’m going to take them up on that at my local Stromer dealer to install the Omni-C upgrade, adjust the brakes and look things over.

I do have brake bleeding stuff, but I always find it to be a bit messy and finicky. I’ll take advantage of this initial setup and then take care of it myself. It will also give me the opportunity to have them check that rear fender install.