Finally found one! XTR 52T, 4 bolt chainring for a mtn ebike

Rich Reano

New Member
I wanted something larger than 48T, 4 bolt chainring. I wanted to go around 28 mph and not spin my legs too fast. I didn’t want to go with a 5 bolt chainring because they’re meant for road bikes. I have a mountain bike. It’ll look funny if I have a 5 bolt chainring on a mountain bike.

After searching the Internet, the largest one I can find was 48T. So I checked on ebay and Shimano did make a mountain bike-specific 52T, 4 bolt chainring. I remember seeing these in a mtn bike mag in the late 90’s. It is actually made for downhill and it’s a single chainring. Seems like a good fit for an ebike!

The one I got off ebay was brand new. Haven’t been used. It is branded XTR and have the mounting splines for their Octalink v1. So I had to get a bottom bracket and cranks for it. It’s not the standard 104 BCD. Luckily the chainring came with the mounting spider.

Since I was going from 3 chainrings to a single chainring, I had to remove the front derailleur. In its place, I put a chain keeper. Hasn’t dropped a chain yet.

I got all the right tools and the installation went smooth. Here are the pictures: