Find Fat ebike that allow 2 passengers?


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Hello experts,

Any idea how can I filter the fat bikes to only the bikes that allow a second passenger sit in the rear of the bike?

Also, if you have a bike in mind that you recommend, then I would appreciate that :)



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I don't know about fat bikes... but Rad Power Bikes Power Wagon has fatter wheels and looks nice... plus Court just did a review on it.


rich c

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I think you are going to have to look at cargo bikes. I don't know of any fat bikes with big enough spokes or a way to add any comfort for that second adult and that kind of weight.


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Hi @Osman, that's an interesting question! It looks like @ReallyGoodEbikes mentioned Joulvert and they do indeed have a rear passenger seat thing going on. I haven't tested that one but it looks cool. I cannot think of any fat tire cargo models that were built for two, but maybe you could retrofit or modify a standard fat model, here are all of the fat models I have reviewed so far that you could explore: