Finding Currie Bikes in Canada (IZIP, eFlow, Haibike etc.)


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Recently a few people who live in Canada have reached out asking where to find Currie Technologies electric bikes in Canada. Currie makes IZIP and eFlow and is now a part of the Accell Group which is an international conglomerate responsible for Haibike Lapierre, Diamondback, Raleigh, Torker and others. While I'm not sure if all of their bikes will make it to Canada, I do believe IZIP will and they have provided me with some special tools for locating shops in Canada as follows (which should help to provide great in-person service and decrease the cost of importing from the US which can be expensive given shipping and border crossing).

Currie actually relies on a Canadian distributor called Progressive Sales. Their information is listed on the official Currie website here and you can find their dealer locator (for Canada) here If you live in Vancouver and prefer to visit a US dealer then Fairview Cycles would be the closest and they are located at: 1108 11th St. Bellingham, Washington, USA, 98225 phone number: 360-733-4433