Firmware Update on my Vado SL 5.0 caused problems with my Garmin 830...


My Vado SL 5.0 is about a month old and Mission Control said that all of the firmware modules needed updating. In addition I had just bought a pair of Race Face Chester pedals.

I took the bike to my lbs for the firmware updates and pedal installation. Last night I turned on the bike and noticed that NONE of the sensors were connected and a couple of IQ apps were not functioning properly.

I had to remove and re-pair the speed/cadence/power sensors and reinstall the IQ apps in order to get everything on the same page...

It took a bit of random fumbling around in order to get the job done.


I had my 4.0 SL firmware updated recently as well. For my garmin edge 130, it automatically re-paired the sensors - it also (re)calibrated the wheel size. I expect that the firmware reboot process clears the sensor pairings.