Firmware update


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Anyone one else get the firmware update today? My bike updated a few moments ago. Looks like Stromer finally fixed the annoying flickering headlight issue:

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

  • Measures to improve communication with the Stromer OMNI app
    • Reduction in communication errors – problem with the backend
    • Invalid trip and total values rectified – if vehicle on charger
    • Optimization of automatic status message when switching off
    • Tuning is applied without restart
  • Optimized riding properties
    • Riding properties when maximum supported speed reached
    • Controlled acceleration in Move mode
    • Elimination of temporary acceleration after braking process
  • Diverse bug fixes for SUI FW 3.0.3 – among others
    • Measures to prevent loss of support
    • Malfunctioning of power button
    • No acceleration after pushing back onto stand
    • No flickering of lights when switching off
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