First e-bike - vintage look and high performance


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Hey everyone!

I'm looking into buying my first e-bike and could use some help on deciding which one to go for. I'm really into the vintage/retro motorcycle look. Ideally it should have a hand throttle, be able to reach ~50km/h (30mph) on flat terrain, and be decently comfortable (some of the roads can be pretty rough around here). I live in a pretty hilly area so it should be able to handle hills, including the occasional very steep one. What types of motors/batteries should I be looking at so that I don't burn them out going full throttle uphill? I'm luckily pretty skinny at just over 60 kilos (no more than 140lbs). I live in Eastern Europe and the laws here regarding e-bikes are not very well defined or enforced.

Some of the bikes I'm looking at are:

Vintage Electric - This is what first got me interested in e-bikes. I don't think they ship to Europe though. I could find a way to ship it but that and taxes would add a whole lot to an already very expensive bike. I'd also be worried about anything shipping all the way from the US getting damaged along the way.

Rayvolt Cruzer - This is from a Spanish company so it should be easier/cheaper to ship. Not sure how comfortable it would be though. Currently out of stock but should restock sometime this autumn.

Any of those rebadged Bisek Cafe Racer bikes (such as Wafabikes) - Lots of companies around the world seem to customize and sell them. Can't buy one directly from China I think, pretty sure they only sell them by the container-load. Seems like a nice enough bike, could be comfortable too. Probably the most affordable option.

There might be others I haven't looked at yet. Would love to hear some opinions from someone who, unlike me, actually has some knowledge and experience on the subject. :)


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Why not pop on a Bafang mid-drive onto an existing bike that you like? The Vintage electric bikes here just North of San Francisco rent for $125 per day. If you do go for a throttle, make it a thumb throttle and not a twist. Electric bikes make no sound when they are on and idle, unlike a motorcycle. It is very easy to accidently twist the throttle when moving a bike indoors or in a tight place when you are off the bike. You can't let go as it twists more as it gets away from you.
Here is a stealthy electric Café bike I made. I put the throttle inside the pedals.


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Nice work. Is the battery inside the "bottle"? 😆

Yes, I would for sure prefer a thumb throttle over twist. But if I were to do a custom build, I'd have someone build me something akin to an early 1900's motorbike. Would be quite the hassle though, I'd need to order a loooot of parts and I'm not even sure if there's anyone in my whole country who could really replicate what I'm after. Would probably end up being too heavy as well. I think I'd rather buy a complete bike. It's certainly an idea though.
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