First Ebike For 13 Year Old

Jay Cee

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New to this community.

I’ve commuted to work on ebikes for about 4 years now. My son - a small 13 year old boy, is starting high school in August and wants to commute to school like his pop does to work. His school is on my way to work - about 4 miles for him and 6 for me so we could do it together.

I am looking for an entry level ebike that won’t break the bank - under $600 if possible, decent range, full electric with throttle and something that he will enjoy.

I would love to know everyone’s thoughts. Thank you all in advance for any and all advice and help.

Are you a Costco member? If yes, wait for the Jetson Bolt Pro. This is a folding ebike with throttle and only $299. Your son will love it!