First ebike: Getting off my Hipster High Horse


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It sounds like you are an experienced rider and know your way around bikes as a commuter and tourer. ;)
I would recommend the Civante as the best all-purpose eBike of your listed choices with a lighter more natural feel.
Once I got my first eBike I found that I would ride further and longer than I used to and having an all-purpose bike was key.
Do you have any thoughts on the Urban Rush or Cross Core? I was offered the Urban Rush at a $500 discount. I'm also contemplating just saving up for the Civante. My only bummer about the Urban Rush is that it's only a class 1. Do you have any thoughts?


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So I was offered a $500 discount on the Urban Rush today. It'd probably still be available. I also test rode the Cross Core and really liked that. Do you have any thoughts on the difference between the Cross Core and the Urban Rush?

Urban Rush for sure! Multiple hand positions on drop bars, hydraulic brakes and Tiagra groupset is a few steps up from the Cross Core’s Sora. It’s such a versatile bike.


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Do you have any thoughts on the Urban Rush or Cross Core? I was offered the Urban Rush at a $500 discount. I'm also contemplating just saving up for the Civante. My only bummer about the Urban Rush is that it's only a class 1. Do you have any thoughts?
$500 off the Rush makes it a much better deal with the Sora to Tiagra group set upgrade.

WRT to Class 1, was riding around today with Eco Mode Bosch (Class 1). Got up to 17-18 in a few strokes, then just cruised, felt like 16-18 is plenty fast for cruising. Since Rush has a 2X and 11-34 you can select a gearing that allows a comfortable cadence AND sustain 21-22 mph (past 20 max mph). I don't get why people want class 3. Going over 20s is fast for a bike, imo. You are pretty vulnerable going 25-28 and have much less avoidance control.

This could make it look a lot different on the front... ;)
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Do you have any thoughts on the Urban Rush or Cross Core? I was offered the Urban Rush at a $500 discount. I'm also contemplating just saving up for the Civante.
My only bummer about the Urban Rush is that it's only a class 1. Do you have any thoughts?
Go for the Urban Rush with a $500 discount... you won't regret having the legendary Yamaha quality and reliability.
If you want Class-3 speeds, it is an easy fix to add a delimiter to unlock the potential of the motor above 20 mph. ;)



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Hi everyone. Like so many of you, I’ve been obsessively researching ebikes. It sucks there are so few actual reviews out there. Too many dudes on YouTube (well, many of them) just talk up the specs. They say “review” but they’re more like overviews. It's kinda hard to actually get critical info on these ebikes. I sorta want more opinionated people reviewing the bikes. I need y’all’s opinions, thoughts, and expertise.

Truly I want the Specialized Vados and Creos, but they’re too expensive! As they say, “You have caviar tastes on a tuna fish budget.” I saw another commenter post that.

What it’ll be used for:
  1. Short commute to work.
  2. Recreation/longer rides on the weekends.
  3. Rides with my family.
What it’d love in an ebike:
  1. Sub $2500 price
  2. Hipster/fixie look - though I love drop handlebars. I like the positioning on drop bars.
  3. Decent range - though I’d prolly be fine with 40 miles minimum range.
  4. Level 3 is a plus
  5. Gears - I want to be able to shift.
  6. Personally, I don’t want/need a throttle system, just pedal assist.
The bikes I’m looking at don’t really match my desires mostly cause I’m not made of money, but maybe y’all have some knowledge, thoughts, and opinions. I’m totally good to get off my hipster high horse. I’m currently looking at the following ebikes:

1. Aventon Level
Pros: The price. Level 3 ebike. Decent parts. Decent Range. My LBS supports Aventon bikes.
Cons: I don’t love the look. It doesn’t have the slim look I prefer. Heavy and difficult to put in a car (I don’t have an SUV or truck).

2. Aventon Pace 500
Pros: Best price. Local Bike shop supports them. Okay range. Better looking than the Level IMO.
Cons: More relaxed ride. Smaller battery.

3. Radrunner Plus
Pros: good price. Tons of attachments. Pretty cool looking. Seems kinda future-proof family-wise.
Cons: Really heavy. Only goes 20mph (though I think you can undo the limit somehow).

Alternatives: The Hilltopper Discover, iGo Aspire Camillien, and Story e-road bike look like great options but there aren’t enough reviews out there for me to really judge them. Also, they only go to 20mph (except the iGo). Espin and Ride1Up also offer great alternatives (they look better too) but I like that my LBS supports Aventon and Rad. The R1U Roadster looks great but it has no gears and no disk breaks. Part of me wonders if I should wait a year and see what the ebike landscape looks like then. I feel like the R1U Roadster is on the right track, but maybe I'm biting too early. Oh and the Vanmoff Blah blah (did I mention hipster?). I could go on, but it’s time I stopped.

So yeah. I'm wondering what you all think. Should I just go for the Level and call it good? I'd probably save myself some time. Do you have other suggestions or thoughts on those other bikes?

Thank y’all in advance.
I popped in because you said rad was a possibility- My opinion don’t buy the rad - consider a Sondors you get a lot more for your $


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Jkhaha - I purchased two Aventon Levels' in September of 2020, so that my wife and I could ride together. I did a lot of research and it came down to three manufacturers/models. The Aventon Level, The Rad Rover Fat Bike by Rad Power Bikes, and the Ride 1UP LMT'D. All three seem to be pretty good, and had good reviews. There is only so much you can know from reviews and research if you haven't owned an e-bike. Once you own a bike you will realize that most of your preconceived ideas and notions developed while researching will probably go out the window.

The most influential factors for me between the three models were looks/styling, battery charge time, top speed, range, and how fast I could get it delivered (winter was closing in). I chose the Level because they could deliver it in two weeks. It turned out to be an excellent choice, and it exceeded all of my expectations. It looks beautiful in real life and I get a lot of compliments on the paint job and styling. It is fast, easily goes 28 mph on PAS-5, and it seems virtually maintenance free. I've dealt with Aventon on a warranty issue and they were very responsive and quickly made me whole.

But... After riding for two months, I realized I longed to ride aggressively, and I wanted to peel off the paved trails and roads, and rip up and down the huge hills and grassy embankments in my area, and venture into the woods over hill and dale, off the beaten path. I wanted more freedom and adventure. Alas, my Aventon was not built for the type of riding that I wanted to do without my lovely, but docile wife in tow. In retrospect, neither is the Rad Rover (due to it's rear drive).

So in December I built my own bike. A Fat Bike powered by the Luna Cycle Bafang BBSHD 1600 Watt Hot Rod mid-drive motor. It is a very powerful bike that is programmable. I can climb a 45-50 degree wooded, grassy, or paved slope with no problem. I can traverse large creeks, mud, snow, sand, fields, woods, and where there is no trail. I can cruise at 30-40 MPH, which is way to fast and I don't do that at all. I tried it once or twice. I've adjusted the speed limit to 25mph because I do not want to die on the road. I bought some elbow pads because I SHALL WIPE OUT now and then. Being 62 years young, I need to be able to affirmatively break my fall with my forearm..

Building my own powerful e-bike has made me very appreciate of the quality engineering of my Aventon Level. It is well thought out, has quality parts, that are easily sourced, packs a punch, and is very reliable. Also it is easily ridden by other members of my family and a few guests.

On Speed: Yes, I purchased the Level because it could go 28MPH under PAS. I could care less now. Climbing power is what matters to me most, even in the city and on paved trails. My average ride speed is about 17mph. If you ride on the street with traffic, 28mph is an asset in my opinion, but I judge it to be too fast with out heavy duty safety gear if you consistently ride that fast on the road. Cars are your enemy, and the majority of drivers do not see you. I use the top speed to get off the main road as quickly as possible whenever I can.
On fast charging time: Insignificant to me now. Buy a smart charger from Luna Cycle and charge your battery slowly and mostly to 80% capacity. Since money is a concern for you, it could double or triple the life of your $400 battery.
On range: Still pretty important to me, but I rarely ride in a style that utilizes the maximum range. I usually do 20 miles per day and exhaust my battery in the process. Range is good.
On looks and styling: Don't be silly :)... fuggedaboutit... it's all about power, reliability, and serviceable parts.

Good luck in your search. Buy an E-bike. You will probably love it. If you love it, sooner or later you will get the bug to get a "better" bike, whatever you conceive that to be. You'll either sell your first bike, or keep it in your stable for a family member.

One last thing. On my Fat Bike Hot Rod, I wish it were a step-thru.


"Damn things are addictive !" ~ Jangles
My wife and I love our Levels...glad you found (built) what you were looking for.


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So now I’m stuck between a few bikes:

The Yamaha Civante
The Priority Current
The Rize RX
The Aventon Level

The Current and Civante look amazing but may require some wait time to buy since they’re more expensive. They’ve got great components and look very cool. It seems like they might be worth the wait.

The Rize RX looks super fun and has a lot of good features for the price. I also like the powerful motor and the 19Ah battery! Also looks fun for some light off-roading!

The Aventon Level is just such good bang for your buck. I’m growing more and more keen on the look of the bike. It’d be great for my commute however its use of that cadence sensor means I’ll get a bit less exercise.

Im having to come to terms with the kind of riding I will most likely do (commenting) vs. the kind of riding I dream of doing (off road and loooong distances). I already commute to work on a road bike (touring bike). I take semi-long rides on the weekends and in the summer. I love the bike I currently have. My biggest reason to not choose the Yamaha is that I already have a very capable bike for long rides and I am relatively physically fit. So that leaves me with two options - a great bike for commuting and hauling. And/or a great bike for commuting and some off roading.

Hmmmmm. What do y’all think?
As I said earlier, the Level really sold my wife and me...a really great bike!