First ride on my Trance E 1 Pro


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Today I got in my first ride on my new Trance. Here are the details :

Flagstaff AZ (~7000 feet elevation)
Winds 12 gusting to 20
Elevation gain 778 feet
Distance 23.5 miles
Battery level was at 85% (from full charge) at the end of the ride

The ride was on paved roads and biking/walking trails. I was able to keep the assist level at 1 for probably 90-95 % of the time. I had three hills where I needed to go to assist level 2 because of the steep incline and headwinds.

I bought the Trance because I was beginning to have problems with dizziness at this elevation and the seemingly never ending winds. My normal riding is in the Phoenix area where the nominal elevation is 1450 feet (at my home) and we don’t have the hills (unless you are looking for them). My goal with the Trance E bike is to “level out” the hills and help with the winds. The bike helped me with both of these goals.

The bikes power is very smooth and even though I only used levels 1 and 2 it was impressive.

I think I'm going to like the bike. 😊👍🚴


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Yes, this is my first e-bike and I have been riding for 45 years. Last year I cycled 3,600 miles.... I'm not fast and I don't do crazy long daily rides but I am consistent. I don't want to ride fast on the Trance, I enjoy getting out and about and the pleasure of riding. The Trance just allows me to do it a bit easier.


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I can't recall who it was but some other regular on this forum recently bought a Trance.

Do you recall who it was Stefan Mikes? ;)