First ride report


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Today, I did my first real life ride with my new Easy Motion Neo Carbon e-Bike. Since I bought it to commute to work I took it on the ride to work. Bike has four assist levels: eco,standard, sport and boost. I felt like using sport, because on the trip to my work there are 11 miles, mostly up hill. Also I wanted to test battery range on aggressive mode. I had no problem with staying over 20mph, my speed was mostly around 22 mph. Bike has 3 gears in front and 10 in the back. I used big gear in front and stay on the small end on the back. I used up 60% off battery on first leg and another 20% on the way back. Total trip was 21 miles and took me about 75 minutes. Bike did great, I was worried that after using 60% on the first leg I would get back home empty, however second leg was mostly down hill. I also discovered that brakes disconnect motor when I use them. I love this bike.


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Hi Waterobert,
Good to see you made the right choice and are having a great time with your new bike
Enjoy your new ride
Congratulations. Really one of the most visually stunning ebikes on the market and looks like a bike (as opposed to tilting towards looking like a moped from the future like some of a certain Swedish company's excellent offerings). Love the suspension. Since you mentioned range please let us know if you optioned for the bigger battery or stayed with the standard. And post a picture please.


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Today, I rode to work again. This time I went with standard level of assistance and freshly charged battery. I arrived still with 80% off charge !
I found few shortcuts, so one way trip is now only 9.2 miles. Standard level saved a lot power, however I had hard time staying above 20mph. I got back home at solid 60% power. I love my bike, lol.