First Timer Needs Assist with E-Bike Selection


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I am planning to soon purchase my first e-bike. Probably as with most new to the world of e-bikes, I find myself overwhelmed with all the information, options, types, brands and models. If not for this site, I would be totally lost. I believe I have narrowed down my choices to a couple, but please let me provide some background on myself and intended use.
As for myself I am a 60 year old male, 6' 1" in height, 230 lbs (yes, I know I need to lose weight). Overall I am in fairly good health, besides the weight my knees aren't the greatest but still working. I haven't actively ridden a bike in 20 plus years.
As for usage, I will principally be riding the bike on the coast of Delaware (Rehoboth, Bethany Beach, Fenwick and possibly Ocean City). If you're familiar with the area, primarily flat (biggest hill the bike will see is probably the Indian River Inlet bridge). Riding will mostly take place on roadways, but I would like to explore some of the bike paths in the State Parks and elsewhere. I would like as long a range as possible. I also want to be able to bike with cargo - towel, small cooler and chair when going to the beach; fishing rod and supplies when going fishing; and light grocery shopping.
Based upon my own research it seems that I need a cross between a cruiser, light duty off-road/mountain bike/cargo bike. I prefer the comfort of an upright riding position. Due to the generally flat terrain, I probably don't need the plethora of speeds that come on most of the better bikes, but guess I don't need to use them.
Based upon my own research I have preliminarily arrived at the following three bikes as possible contenders:
1 - Easy Motion EVO City Wave
2 - IZIP E3 Metro
3 - Pedego Interceptor
I have read the reviews and visited the manufacturers websites for these models. Although the E3 Metro and Interceptor apparently have higher wattage motor and higher voltage battery, from what I can ascertain that doesn't translate to higher performance (speed, range, etc.) The one spec that I could not find for any of these bikes is the range when in all electric throttle mode without pedal assist - I'd like hear from anyone with real world experience.
I recognize that no one bike will perfectly match all my needs, and compromises will need to be made, but would like recommendations from this user forum as to which of these three bikes you think would best meet most of my needs. Also, I am also very interested in recommendations for any other bikes which you feel may be an even better match. I thank the members of this community in advance for your assistance.
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You also might want to post in the specific forums for these bikes to hear from owners of these brands. I have 2 Polaris ebikes so I cannot really comment on these two models. I came close to buying an Easy Motion last year, was impressed by the quality of their ebikes and from what I have heard, everyone who has one is pretty high on them.