Fitted a Removable Battery to my Arielrider N-Class


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Hi there, after 4 years of service the battery was quite tired, most likely due to our local harsh winters and the bike living outside with the battery in it. So for a replacement I wanted a removable battery, and a bigger one then the original 11.2 Ah.
I Found that there is a company named Hailong who does a side release case. Their biggest battery juuuust did fit into the frame. I fabricated a carrier from 1,5 mm stainless, bolted to the lower fuel tank threads, and fitted the Hailong 1 Side Release base (which has three slots to mount to bottle holder braze-ins).
For electrics I just cut the original XLR plug from the controller cable and fitted a X-90 connector. For charging, I cut the charging port connection and fitted a round plug 5,5/2,5 mm to match the charging port of the battery, so I still can use the original 2A charger for stationary charging, and have the 3A round plug charger that came with the battery to charge it indoors.

Tech data is 13.8 Ah Samsung cells, 36V. Nowadays you may only be able to fit 13.4 Ah as Samsung cells are mostly bought by EV companies to go into cars.

The lower fuel tank threads also accomodate stainless steel hinges, so I can easily access the battery. Access is needed on both sides - the lock is on the right, while the battery slides out to the left.

Mission accomplished.

Pictures show test fit (both ways) and final install with charging port connected.

You can google Hailong 1 Side Release to get yours :), cheap option, too and you can get an extra base or even empty battery cases.



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