Fixing a flat 20"fat tire e-bike


I am awaiting my arrival of my new and first ebike a Volt Mariner which has a 20" X 4" fat tire all terrain E-bike. Are there any special techniques that I should be aware of changing a smaller fat tire bike tire. Are these type of tires harder to change than a standard size bike tire. Any insights and tips are greatly appreciated.

Keith Merson

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Personally, I don't find smaller diameter tires any harder to work with. Fat tires, on the other hand, can be a little trickier than narrower tires just due to the size. However, if you're accustomed to fixing flats on other bikes you shouldn't need any special tips or techniques.

dm nelson

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Not sure about a 20", but the 26x4 tires on my bike go on and off quite easy. I've changed tires several times. Not getting the rear motor hub wheel on and off safely takes a little skill. If a rear tire goes flat it is less hassle to keep the tire on and patch, if possible. As a precaution, many of us use tire liners and/or thick tubes.


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Foldable bead tires. Mine would probably come off with a plastic spoon from MacDonalds. Actually, the beads pop off with hand pressure.

My original fat bike tire were wire beads. Very hard to take off or install without damaging the rim or the tubes. I punctured two tubes moving the old tires to new wheels. Got foldable bead tires. So much easier. So much more expense. Worth it.