FLX Babymaker


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So there's already a thread for this bike but it's titled "very odd name for a bike." Since that's a thread ab . .out the name and not the bike itself, I'm starting one for the bike . . .

. . . which as of now is not in production . . .

. . . but I own one. I may be one of the first, if not the first, purchasers. I visited the FLX shop to test ride it, and was surprised that they actually offered to sell me one. Though I had (and still have) qualms about buying a prototype model, the test ride really impressed me, and the bike slots in so well with my needs, I took it home.

As far as I can tell, there's nothing else quite like this: an ebike that's lightweight, fast, and low-maintenance (belt-driven). There are carbon-fiber ebikes that weigh less, go faster, and probably have greater range, but they cost a lot more.

For me, the Babymaker is sometimes commuter and a general runabout. It's a short-hop bike that's just incredibly fun.

The review on this website says the range is from 10-35 miles. I haven't tested that to any great extent, but my initial impression is that it's somewhat better than those numbers. The way I use the bike it's probably more like 20-50. It's very easy to pedal on the flats without assist, and that can greatly extend the "range." Going up an incline the single-speed gearing combined with the weight becomes more of a problem. 33 lbs isn't outlandish, but when you can't downshift you will really feel it.

The gearing is such that, with assist, you can easily tackle just about any hill, but the top end speed is limited. At around 22 mph I'm spinning as fast as I'd want to. Someone else might get it up to the assist cut off of 25 mph.

My prototype model doesn't have attachment points for fenders or racks. The guys at FLX told me those attachment points will be in the production model.

It wasn't until I got mine home to the Bay Area that I noticed the battery charge indicator isn't working properly. I'll have to get that resolved but I suppose this sort of technical problem is where FLX's lack of local distributors might become an issue. We'll see how that goes.

In summary I think FLX should sell a ton of Babymakers when it comes to market. An ebike this fun, easy, and (relatively speaking) affordable should have a very broad appeal.

As for the name . . . whatever. I give them props just for making an effort to be provocative and interesting. I've made enough babies already, so I won't be playing that angle!