Flying with Electric Bike Batteries? Tips and Advice


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Exactly my battery is too big 365 Wh and I will REMOVE it. Assemble new cells at home and today Im going to airport to
reserve flying with bike as per 72 hours rules. Lets see if they made any problems but than I will ask them "where is the battery? "
No battery no DG dangerous goods in bike near bike ect... :)


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Friday Im flying and I already made reservation with KLM as per rules of them.

From Taiwan Im flying with Cathay Dragon and its FREE any bike.

With this colonialistic Holland which have more bikes than people they want money
money money money...I dont care for money but they ask 100$ no matter its not much
but why 80% of all other airlines dont ask nothing. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :)

Anyway will see how they will proceed when I pack my bike and write big sign NO BATTERIES !!!

This is the last KLM regulations: NO E-BIKE at all. If I know this I will remain with Cathay Pacific
they dont made any problems. Just need to reserve 72 hours in advance this is it. No fee.


Bicycles and tandems
You can take your (foldable) bicycle or tandem (non-electric) of max. 23 kg with you in a protective bike box, container or bag. This box, container or bag should be specifically designed for bike transportation. The best way to protect your bike is by using a hardcover casing. However, a softcover casing is also allowed if it includes an internal protective packing material.
  • The handlebars should be turned length-ways along the frame, pedals and other protruding parts should be removed, and tire pressures should be reduced.
  • Special KLM bike boxes are available at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for EUR 20 each (176,5 x 23 x 101,5 cm / 69 x 9 x 40 inch). The KLM bike box weighs 4,5 kg (10 lbs).
  • Please note: due to international regulations you cannot take an e-bike or electric bicycle with you.