FlyKly Update 4/18/14


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They are just gettin lit up by the backers. Changing design and delivery date mid kick start is a ballzy move


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i was a small backer.. I wrote them my opinion back in october last year:

You state in the FAQ section Battery capacity is 36V 12Ah. On this picture this seems to be a (18650 cells) 10S2P setting. Now I don't know what the cell chemistry is, but a 36V 12 Ah LiMn battery alone should weigh approximately 12 lbs... If you add the 250 W motor, controller, rim tire etc, there is no way your rig can be 9 lbs.. And if you went with the lighter Li Polymer battery, there's no way you get 1000 charges or achieve the 9lb total weight.
My guess is the battery is much less than 36V 12 Ah, probably more like 7Ah. That would make your weight claim believable, and at 1c discharge, make 1000 recharge cycles possible. Then your range claim is not possible.

Unless you've found some very lightweight/high performing components that I haven't heard about, I have a very difficult time believing all your claims, in total:

1. Weight 9 lbs total
2. 36V 12 Ah battery
3. 30 mile range 20 mph.
4. 1000 charge cycles.
5. $600

You should underpromise and overdeliver IMO.

I am not trying to be snarky about this, just get tired of seeing claims from new EV companies that do not seem realistic.. However, if everything you say is true, then you should be very successful, esp at a price point of $600.




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Great job holding them accountable JoePah, it's hurtful and destructive to the industry when companies make false claims to raise and then fail to deliver or break their promise. This behavior siphons attention and investment away from realistic products and delays overall adoption.