Focus Jafira 29r speed settings


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Hi there, I recently purchased my new Focus Jafira 29r and am loving it!
I'm curious if theres anyone else on here with the same bike? It's limited to 20mph and i'd like to find a way to override that, maybe bring it up to around 30mph?? Any one have any ideas if this is possible?
Thanks in advance.

Ravi Kempaiah

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Hi Matt,
Focus makes some truly fantastic bikes.
Congratulations on your purchase. That must be very exciting. It's a full suspension or hard tail?
Would love to see more pictures and review.
I have seen some similar discussions on forums. Perhaps it's worth checking out.


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Hey Matt! I got the chance to test ride a Jarifa Offroad Premium recently and posted a full review but am not sure if that uses the same drive system as yours?

I really liked the XEON direct drive hub motor, may be similar to the Specialized Turbo? While the Turbo does go up to 28mph I think that has to do with firmware. Your bike (and the Jarifa Offroad) could probably go faster as well but that's a software thing. Are you based in the US or somewhere else? That also plays a role... if you are in the US I'm curious where you bought it?


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Court, I'm in Australia. I've been searching the 'net to find a way around this restriction. Coming from Germany (the bike), where I believe they don't have the same speed restrictions we have here in Oz, there must be a way around the problem.
Apart from that little aspect.......the bike is AMAZING mate!
I'll go and have a read of your review to see if you are of the same opinion.
Ravi, mines the hard tail version mate. When i work out how to post pics, I'll throw a couple up.