Foldable Ebikes with belt drive


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Hi - I am looking for folding Ebikes with a belt drive. I would prefer motor to be at least 500 W. Anyone have any recommendations or experience? Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

I have seen the Evelo, & Pedego with belt drive and motors in the 350W range.


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@Nerkdawg, which bike did you end up with. I test rode the Fairweather last week. Decent bike, but the shop didn't know how to fold it and it seems to have been sitting around for a long time (flat tires, dusty, etc.)


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Ruggb - I haven’t gotten a folding bike - I was looking for my wife. I have an Evelo Aurora mid Drive.


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I think that Evelo with the bafang m400 is going to be pretty powerful even though it’s only 350 W
The torque is pretty high

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Not a true folding bike, but it's an urban compact with the ability to drop and turn the handlebar 90 degrees without tools, so potentially of interest, the Haibike Radius Tour. They don't make it anymore, but it's still possible to find it online if you hunt around. It has a Yamaha mid-drive with 70 Nm of torque, so it's very powerful. Comes with Schwalbe puncture resistant tires, fenders, integrated lights, and a 500 Wh battery. It's rated for 85 km range on high assist, and 205 km range on the lowest level of assist... now that's what I call range! :)