Foldable fat tire a kid could ride


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Good evening!

I just bought my wife and I some fat tire ebikes (first time buyers) and am looking for the best way for my 8 year old son to keep up with us. Ideally, I'd love to find a fat tire ebike that can be ridden by both kids and adults (so he can grow into it and in case we have friends or family visiting that want to ride).

Budget: as cheap as possible--preferably under $900

These are the options I've been able to find so far:

Kent Torpedo$500 for a lighter, more affordable bike that would be able to be handled by a kid much more easily, but the range and components look to be somewhat chintzy. Don't think it'd be a good idea for an adult to ride this for an extended period of time.

Swagtron EB6 Kids Electric Fat Bike$800 for a bigger, more sturdy setup with a bigger battery and longer range, but would be hard for a kid to handle as it weighs nearly 50 pounds. At the same time, an adult could probably ride this no problem.

Ecotric 36V Foldable Fat Tire$800 for an adult-sized foldable fat tire ebike. This is actually one of the bikes I just ordered, the other is the standard frame version that's made by Ecotric. I still don't know if this or any other adult-sized foldable fat bike could fit a child. If the one I ordered actually ships to me (located in Alaska and it isn't easy finding a company to ship oversize items here) I'll post the results of my son's test drive of it.

Any help or ideas is appreciated, thanks!

PS: I originally posted this comment in the Lectric owners' sub-forum but am reposting this comment on a new thread in this sub-forum since I'm not limiting my search to one particular brand. There are some interesting philosophical and safety-related ideas that are discussed there when buying a kid an ebike that's worth reading if interested 👇


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I would assume it would depend on how big the kid is. Every bike I've ever looked at has a minimum and maximum rider height requirement.


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I had considered this Murtisol for my 8 year old grand daughter. I see 6 year old kids riding the plastic 12V motorscooters around the neighborhood. This goes 3X faster though. I'd have to put in a new controller to restrict it to 12 mph. However, it's illegal in my state for kid that young to be on an ebike, as opposed to a toy bike, so I passed.



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Check out the Jetson Bolt Pro if they ever come back at Costco, great little ebike for 300 bucks.

Great 14" folding handlebar ebike, tops out at around 15mph but its plenty fast for a little thing like that.


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I live in Maine and kids under 16 can ride class 1 Ebikes which I suppose means if you buy a class 2 you would need to remove the throttle which is pretty easy.
I disabled the throttle on a $600 folding kid's bike by installing a set screw underneath the grip. The kid had gained weight during lock down. Although he now has Class 1 assist he has to work for it by pedaling. His mom is happy he is riding all day with other kids now. It is a cheep bike but he will out grow it, so it is good enough for now.


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Curious if anyone purchased one of these bikes yet and if so, how the experience has been? Looking at ebikes for 9 year old big strong son but don’t want him doing 28mph, more like 15mph as he gets comfortable