Folding ebike for sailboat

posted this yesterday but site went down and seems my account and this post were lost so here goes again. Looking for folding ebikes for our boat, since need to be stowed onboard size is important, would love to find 16" ers but very few in marketplace. Things we want in a bike, compactness, throttle and pedal assist preferably able to use both at same time, extended battery capacity, fenders, rack and lastly reasonable price point.
Currently looking at these five bikes, ejoe epic se, blix vika traveler 16" ( new model), volt urban, citizen frisco and lastly the Ancheer 18.7". The last bike available on amazon and eBay. All have some plus's and negatives, big negative on the Ancheer is no usa or Canadian distributor or manufacturer contact. Afraid, if anything breaks or I need a part sort of screwed. Has anyone bought this bike and willing to give an opinion? Wish EBR would do a review on this bike.
Would like to hear feedback on any of these options or other thoughts on models I have overlooked. Thx in advance for your responses.
kiltym, thanks for the link. Some interesting insight. As a sailboat owner our stowage is much more limited than a trawler, and at 37' our boat may seem large but in the world of boats today, "not really". I'll add the luna cycle to the list as I have added the E.G. Vienna 250. Had the opportunity to speak with court yesterday and in addition to actually returning a call (amazing in today's world) he also gave me some insight into my quiry. Still have not made a decision and welcome any and all insight into my purchase.