Folding eBike


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Looking to get a folding eBike.

I am interested in folding so I can easily bring with me in my car (have a Hatch and would rather not deal with some of the iffy racks) and store in my apartment. And I'm interested in the bike having a motor so I can go on longer rides.

I was looking at the Jupiter Discovery, currently on sale at Costco, but it seems almost too small and has kind of a small battery for the kind of mileage they are stating.

I would primary be using the bike for riding around the neighborhood, paved trails, and unpaved trails - though they'll usually be flat gravel/dirt bike trails in parks.

I see a lot of talk about Lectric XP. Seems like it could work, since it has bigger tires, more range, and more power. Although it has no suspension. I'd prefer not to really go over $1000, that's originally why I was looking at the Jupiter since it's $600.

I'm not too familiar with the different kinds of motors and gears. I used to just ride a hybrid for cruising so never really bothered with shifting cause they always seem finicky on cheaper bikes.

Any recommendations on what I should be looking at?