Folding Fat Tire Trike Information


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I originally came here seeking info on the new Fat Tire Folding Trike I had just bought - It was reviewed here on EBR, so I figured this had to be the place, right? So, I searched and found . . . . nothing, except for the original review which brought me here in the first place

This eTrike goes by many names, depending on who you bought it from. As near as I can tell, the 'real' name is the Eunorau New Trike, but if you buy it from Bolton, it's the 'Galaxy Fat Trike' and if you buy it from Electric Bike Paradise, it's the 'Best 500 Trike' . . . . and they will sell it to you for half price right now, only $2799, which is $500 to $600 MORE than you can buy it for several other places. (I sincerely pity anyone who paid $5,598 for it, which they claim is the 'regular' price). I think it's sold by a few other companies too, with assorted made up names. But, to the best of my knowledge, Eunorau makes all of them in China

What's unique about this trike (and why I bought it over several others) is that it folds up - Not in half of course, but to a size much smaller than any other eTrike. The handle bars fold down, just like on folding 20 inch 2 wheelers and then the front wheel folds to one side making it about 60% shorter that it is when unfolded. It's sturdy, uses a standard 48 volt battery which you can buy from many places and the 3 inch tires give it some off road capabilities. Front wheel hub motor, 7 speed chain drive on only the right rear wheel, but disc brakes on all 3 wheels, with a 'Park' feature to keep it from rolling away when you park it. Headlight, tail light (with brake light) and very sturdy welded aluminum baskets for cargo, front and rear - Our little dog loves riding in the front one

We've had one for 3 or 4 months now (paid $2,200 for it with free truck shipping) and we really like it. Buying it from Eunorau, it doesn't come with a manual which makes figuring out the functions of the little display screen quite difficult. It comes fully assembled, except for mounting the front wheel into the forks, which doesn't take long to do, even without an instruction manual. I've been told that the display is a model 500S and despite the fact that the trike comes with a ShengYi motor and not a Bafang, the display is actually a Bafang Mid Drive display . . . . which got me to thinking - Maybe some other Bafang Mid Drive displays would work on this trike too? So, I ordered a Bafang 500C from Amazon for $50 and gave it a try - Plug and Play and it works perfectly! . . . . and there are YouTube videos galore which document how to put the 500C through it's paces

If you're looking for a Trike which will fit into a large car trunk or a small van or pickup (even with a camper shell attached) this one is certainly worth a look. We can't ride near our home because we live on a rural street with a 45 mph speed limit and no shoulders, so we have to pack up the bikes and take them elsewhere to ride and this trike was meant for that . . . . and now it has a new display which we like the look of MUCH better than the one that came on the Trike - And it was plug and play :)

You can buy the display from Bafang, but they were of little help (actually, none) to me answering questions about it, so I bought it from Amazon . . . . for $51 with free shipping and just took a chance that it would work



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You lucked out, at least your trike arrived in great shape( you have to go online to download manuals-seems to be a growing trend,in most cases anyway) I have been getting 2 nd rate bikes online now, so I think perhaps an LBS next time( if I can find one)
Enjoy your trike, its a shame you have no bike lanes( same deal here) all this might put me out of the ebike mode one day( same thing some Pilots said when a Friend took Me up in heavy turbulence( was thinking of joining the Pilot fraternity- when my head hit the roof of the L-19, cured Me of that)