for Court, any new ebike reviews?


I am wondering if there's some way to search for new reviews; as it is, the only way to know if there's been something added to the site is to browse ... Thanks ;-)

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Court, kinda agree with Adora. It would also be helpful if you post the date of your reviews as well. Keep up the great work...


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Hey guys! Sorry for the long absence... I've been working really hard on (you guessed it) reviews :D and also updating the site to make navigation better. Now the homepage shows the ten most recent reviews if you scroll down a little bit. There's a picture and the name of each bike and you can use the right arrow to see more. Also listed here and in the top navigation is the "All Reviews" page which lists the most recent reviews first. So as @Adora suggested you could subscribe to the RSS feed and as @Brambor suggested you could also follow the YouTube Channel ElectricBikeReview and AllBikeUpdate or you could check the All Reviews page manually.

Thanks for the constructive feedback and support! I wish these updates was going a bit faster but I'm partnering with a database engineer to get them right (scalable) and it is taking longer than expected. Also, my Sister is getting married in a week and Interbike is right after that! Things might slow down after that and I'll have a million new bikes to post ;)


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It would be interesting to get a review on this "Dillenger Outlaw":

There's hardly any info on it anywhere.
Hey Paul, I've never seen a Dillenger ebike in person but it strongly resembles the Alation series from Volton. You could check out those reviews for more info but keep in mind, the Dillenger models may be the older generation or somehow slightly different. I know Joe Marchfield personally (founder of Volton) and he is the premiere distributor of this model in the USA with the latest and greatest hardware and features.


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Thanks, Court. I have another suggestion:
A donation button!! :) Unless I missed it. There are cool one's formatted like "buy {Court} a beer, thanks for donating".

I would have quit on e-bikes a long time ago without this site. It's the easiest to navigate, and your reviews are honest, in-depth, and thorough.

In the world of e-bikes, you are "our man on the 'hill'."