For sale in Calgary: 2020 Fathom E+1 Pro


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$4000 CDN
Local (Calgary, Alberta) pickup preferred - I am only posting here in the off chance someone local see's this.
Shipping is more effort than I want to do.

But if someone from a nearby location (Saskatchewan, Alberta or BC, or a nearby US State) is interested, perhaps we work a delivery out somehow (meet halfway type of thing).
I don't need much persuasion for a drive these days.

Always stored inside
Battery charged to 60% when not being used (best practice)
Battery is at 94% health w/85 charge cycles

Bike was fully serviced in May
Brand new Sram SX Cassette
Brand new Sram GX chain
Brake Upgrade in fall 2021 (M6100)

Sale Includes:
Winter Tires (Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro)
All Rounder Tires on the bike (Schwalbe Johnny Watts)
Original tires (Maxxis Forecasters)

Upgraded control unit (Ridecontrol ONE ANT+) - Replaced on warranty in 2021

Dropper seat post (PNW Coast external cable)
or (you decide which one you want)
Suspension seat post (Suntour SP12 NCX)

Upgraded grips - Ergon GA3 Red MTB grips
Upgraded pedals - OneUp Composite Red
Bell and mirror for street and pathway riding

Riser stem and bars for a more relaxed geometry
Fathom E+1 Pro.jpg New Cassette+Chain.jpg Fathom E+1.jpg Fathom.jpg

RideControl Battery.jpg

Bike itself, mechanically, is excellent
No major scrapes - a few minor dings