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Auto companies have zero business getting into ebikes, as they can barely stay profitable selling ICE cars, let alone EV's, and thus have zero good reason to even mess around with ebikes on the periphery. The only category 'profitable' for them is LOADED up Pick ups and SUV's. Go figure.
They'd need to sell a gazillion ebikes to make a go it of it with their astoundingly absurd overhead, and legacy union costs, and they are not structurally set up to even consider 'selling' ebikes among their wares. (can you see ANY of their dealers wanting to sell ebikes ???? They'd likely rather slit their own wrists, than mess around with a $2000 item, that is less than most car options or accessories. )
GM has been doinking around with EV's like forever, and pretended to get 'serious back in the early 90's.' (aka EV1).
Tesla has blown these clowns out of the water, so instead of coming out with REAL EV's, the so called "Big 3" (aka "American based" car companies), get all cutesy, and try to profer ebikes ?1? Gimme a freaking break. Who are they kidding ???
they might want to Try learning how to build and sell EV's that are as attractive as Tesla's , then MAYBE we could all take them seriously on something other than cars. Until then you ("Big 3") are wasting a lot of consumer's time.
You hit the nail on the head... the traditional car companies are struggling with the inevitable transition to EVs.

There will be a lot of casualties during the transition period and many will not survive during the next decade.